Personal Property Identification

Why mark your personal property? What is the best method for marking your property? Why should you have a detailed inventory of your property? In this article I will answer these questions giving you the knowledge you need to be properly prepared.

Why mark your personal property?

·         In the unfortunate circumstance that your property is stolen it would allow police officers, pawn shop owners, and others to identify and return your stolen property to you quickly and effectively. Always mark items with your name and driver’s license number; phone numbers change and take longer to track than driver’s license numbers.

Why keep a detailed inventory of your property, and what to inventory?

·         Why keep a detailed inventory of your property, for any insurance claims you may have; whether it is due to your property being stolen or by a natural disaster it will help you to identify what is missing or damaged. Always record the make and model numbers, serial numbers, and detailed descriptions of each item.

·         Inside the house: Firearms, televisions , stereo and video equipment, computers and MP3 players, cameras, expensive kitchen appliance, expensive clothing, furniture, musical instruments and equipment, sporting goods items, jewelry, watches and clocks.

  • Outside the house: Power and hand tools, power actuated equipment like lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, garden tools, trailers, bikes, go carts, etc.

Best methods:

·         The invisible ink pen with UV light was specifically designed to identify your property. It is an affordable and easy way to mark all your valuable property discretely without causing harm to them. One pen is capable of marking over 1200 valuables. With a UV light you may read the markings.

·         An engraving tool is a great way to mark your property and makes it easily identifiable. The one downside is it is highly visible possible hurting the value of the collectables and other fine items. There are some advantages as well; marking your tools can keep thefts from stealing them off job sites and engravers typically last for several years and thousands of markings.


By taking the steps to inventory and mark you property you are prepared if your home is broken into or worst some sort of event takes place like: floods, tornadoes, or fires. Engraving property is great for certain items; however for other valuables it is damaging. That’s why I prefer the invisible ink pen to perform these tasks. Remember the best time to learn your lesson about being prepared is before something happens.