Pessoa Saddles – Buying Guide


Rodrigo Pessoa, is responsible for the trustworthy and original, Pessoa Saddles. He grew up by his father’s example and at the age of 12, he conquered the title, “Champion of the Pony Class,” in Belgium. He was the youngest rider competing at the Olympic Games in 1992. This legend, having conquered much, gave trademark and strength to each Pessoa product!

Quality Made

Pessoa Saddles are made from premium leathers which are obtained from famous European tanneries. Care is taken that nothing during the manufacturing process will harm the environment, as these saddles are made with all natural materials. Pessoa Saddles are rich in texture and color, tanned with chrome in a traditional process. They are known for their extreme durability and amazingly perfect softness! Pessoa only uses carefully chosen and authentic materials.

The technology behind all Pessoa products is unique, and they are all very well put together. They are made with two different types of panels for the customer to choose, both of which are made to last. Every Pessoa is presented with adjustable gullet plate X-change system so the rider can modify width of the tree.


The physical build of the rider should determine the measurement of the saddle seat. For younger riders, a 17″ seat would be sufficient. Larger, 17.5″ seats are built for adult riders and 18″ for large riders. All Pessoa saddle trees are designed by DuPont, and made with special polymers which are indeed, flexible. Because of this, Pessoa’s never loose resistance and flexibility and they adjust perfectly to the back of the horse and it’s rider. Even temperature changes will not alter the saddle structure. To choose a saddle correctly, you should first choose the seat size, flap size and in final, the knee roll. Pessoa’s are made through a 200 year old tanning procedure and are well respected among riders.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your saddle is a trade worth learning. When left to dry, saddles may crack and harden. There are some products available to help extend the life of your saddle. Gel, or “saddle” soap, for daily care, and leather oil which is used prior to your first ride, will provide lasting protection.


Pessoa saddles provide the rider with many benefits including comfort, flexibility, long life and strength. Compared to others, a Pessoa is in many ways better for the environment and will outlast most.

No matter which one you choose, you can be assured that you will be getting top quality equestrian equipment.