Pet Doors

Walking a dog, especially a large one, can be a tiring chore, even if it is your own pet and you love it with all your heart. But to be door guardsman and dog walker could be a bit too much for anyone to take. One solution is the safe, durable, easy-to-manage pet door.

A pet door is a flap that allows easy access for the pet to come and go. The door is either made out of black rubber that slides into place or hard plastic that has a magnetic catch. The rubber flap doors have a sliding plastic panel that fits into the framework and restricts the movement of the pet, and the plastic models have a sliding lock, too. These flap doors are now giving way to modern doggie doors that operate on electronic and electromagnetic systems.

The trick to finding the right pet door that suits you is to first measure the dog’s height and width; it is only after this that you can decide which dog door suits your needs. Once you have made up your mind about the type of door you want and earmarked where you would like to get it installed, the actual process of installation is not so tedious. The cat and dog doors come in all sizes and can be fitted anywhere from walls, doors, and sliding doors in dens, kitchens, or second bedrooms.

If you are living in rented quarters and have a problem fitting the pet door, then you can opt for the patio dog door, which can be fitted onto the sliding glass door. These doors usually come in a complete panel, leaving your doors and walls unscathed. The electromagnetic or electronic doors, which are made up of plastic and anodized aluminium, can be installed anywhere and will only let your pet out with the help of the attachable magnetic sensor keys on the collar. The pet can exit and enter the house as he pleases, relieving you from the duties of taking it for a walk every now and then.

After the installation of the pet door, it would be advisable to put a floor mat to avoid any dirt from being brought into the house.