Photo Cake

If you've been to a child's birthday party recently, you've more than likely to have seen a photo cake. A photo cake has a photograph of the guest of honor or something they hold close to there heart imprinted on top. Thanks to technology, a non-toxic photo can be printed out and used as a cake topper!

How is this possible? Most people ask this and its simple the person wishing to have a photo on cake made a given a favorite photograph to a website of choice. The website will print out your image with and description that you require on happy birthday or anything you want then you will add it to your cake.

To make the photograph for the photo on the cake, the website will add any description you require and print the provided photo. Once the photograph fully edited it's printed out on special edible "paper" made from potato starch, water, vegetable oil. The ink used to print the picture onto theible paper is made from food coloring.

(This edible paper will not take away from the overall taste of the cake)

The things to keep in mind when picking your picture will be that you want the person or main object to be center this will help if you want an inscription on your picture so the inscription can go around the edge. If you can not find a picture were the person / object is centered a good website will still be able to produce a great photo cake.