Piano Beginners – Learn The Basic Chords On The Piano To Always by Bon Jovi

A great song for beginners to learn on the piano is Always by Jon Bon Jovi. The piano is the most prominent instrument in this song, and has a beautiful arrangement which accompanies the singing and brings out the best in the song. It features some stunning musical parts including the intro of the song, which then features throughout the song, plus a powerful bridge section, which is all designed and written to play on piano. Bon Jovi is a fantastic songwriter, which is proven by his constant success since 1982.

It’s captivating lyrics, and powerful melody is what made it their best selling single to date.

It was taken from their highly successful Crossroads album which was released in 1994. The Single was released on the 20th November 1994, and the original length of the song which is on the album is 5:54, and the single version is shortened and lasts for 4:55.

It sold over 1.5 million albums in the us and over 3 million albums worldwide. The song spent six months at the top of the American Billboards, and reached number one in 21 countries. The same year the band won the best selling rock band award at the world music awards.

The song was originally written as a soundtrack track for the film Romeo is Bleeding, but after watching the film the band decided it wasn’t a good enough film to part with their song, and therefore didn’t lend it to the producers. The song was then left for a short while, until a friend of the band came across it and convinced them to release it as a single on their next album which was Crossroads, as it was such a fantastic song.

The band members are all from New Jersey, and they formed the group in 1982. Shortly after getting together they were signed to record company polygram members. Their incredible songs written by the band have earned themselves millions of fans across the world, and they are renowned for being one of the Best Commercial Rock Bands in the world.

The song is written in the Key of E Major, and uses the Chords E Major A Major C# Minor B Major and F# Minor. For the Bridge section it changes Key and uses D Major and G Major as additional chords.

The song has a very dominant musical melody which is used at the start of the song and also features frequently at the end of sections leading back into the verses after the chorus. The notes you would play in this section are E F# G# A G# F# E E and this repeats, a couple of times, but may vary slightly.