Piano Sheet Music

Piano sheet music is a printed musical notation for piano. Before phonograph and radio became popular, sheet music was used by musicians to make their compositions known to the people. Many of these were piano sheet music since piano was the most popular musical instrument back then.

In the late 19th century, piano sheet music became even more popular as parlor music became a massive trend in the US at the time. Parlor music was a kind of popular music that was performed in a parlor, a small room in a house where performers play a musical piece before an audience. Almost all middle-class homes during this period had parlors and a piano.

With the advent of the phonograph, radio and other modern devices that played recorded sound, the popularity of piano sheet music gradually faded.

Piano sheet music, however, is not totally out of the music scene. Song writers nowadays still publish piano sheet music on sheets of paper. With the availability of advanced computer technology, many kinds of piano sheet music are now offered in computer-readable formats. They can be easily purchased and downloaded over the Internet.

Common pieces are sold from $ 3 to $ 5, while a piano sheet music collection of most recent hits sells at around $ 10 to $ 25. Rare and old piano sheet music, usually of classical songs, are priced at about $ 50.

Free piano sheet music can also be downloaded from the Internet. They are mostly old musical pieces with an expired copyright, such as the compositions of famous musicians Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven.

If you do not find the sheet music of your choice online, especially if it is rare, you may look for it in music stores near you. Some websites also offer listings of music stores where you can find both the most popular and hard-to-find sheet music, old and new alike.