Pick Up And Opening Lines To Approach Girls

Asking women out isn’t exactly rocket science, but yes, it most certainly is an art form. Many men have the whole package but often get tongue tied when trying to initiate a conversation with a pretty girl. It’s no secret that the best way to pick up women is with a good opening line and if you are creative then you can easily come up with a few witty pick up lines of your own.

Here’s a brief look at a few effective opening & pick up lines that work 9 times out of 10 in most situations:

1. Help! : Women are quite helpful by nature. So if you see a pretty girl you like, you can always walk up to her and say something like, “Hello, I’m new in town and was wondering if you could recommend a good place for a cup of coffee” and then when she makes a suggestion, it would only be polite of you to ask her to join you by saying some thing like “would you also care to join me for a cappuccino?”

2. A Simple Hi: Often times, a simple friendly greeting like a “Hi” or “Hello” can work where most opening lines fail. For instance, if you are at a park on a nice day, you can always say something like “Hi! Great day to be out huh?” and then initiate a conversation based on the response you get.

3. Find an Opening to Speak to Her: One of the great ways to start a conversation with a woman is to give yourself an excuse to speak to her. For example when the girl you like passes by, say something like “Excuse me, I think you might’ve dropped this” and then if you have some simple item like a pen in your pocket, ask her if it belongs to her. Once you have her talking to you, you can then follow it up with something like “I think I’ve seen you around, do you come here often?”

4. Get her Opinion: Another great way of approaching women is to ask for their opinion about something, especially on things that you know they are sure to have an opinion on. For example, at clothing store, you can ask a woman something like “Excuse me, can you please tell me what you think of this shirt, I’m completely lost when it comes to fashion?”

5. Laughter’s the best medicine: Being funny is perhaps one of the best weapons to help break the ice with a beautiful girl. For instance, on a rainy day, you can say something funny like, “Excuse me, I hope you’re carrying an umbrella on you because it’s been proven that sugar melts in water!”

6. Flattery Works! : Nothing works better than a sincere complement when it comes to picking up women. So if you see a pretty girl, try walking up to her and say “Excuse me, are you OK? Because it looks to me like you fell straight out of heaven!”

Apart from these, there are many different opening lines you can use to pick up women. So just be a little creative, add a dash of style and a pinch of confidence and you should have a recipe that all women will fall for.