Pick Up Lines to Get Girls

One of the biggest myths there is when you are trying to find a girl is that you should know a lot of pick up lines to get girls . I personally do not think this could be farther from the truth. If you want to use some tried and tested lines then you really need to be careful because if you say them wrong you will look like a bit of a fool. I will show you a few pick up lines in this article and compare them to something more natural.

I really believe that using pick up lines is a thing of the past. Girls are out looking for guys as well these days and have watched the same movies, read the same books and have seen the same television programs that we guys have also seen. As such they probably know more pick up lines than we do. Instead why not stick to something that is universal and natural that anyone can do and you can practice even if you are the shyest person on the planet.

Instead of approaching a girl and saying to her, 'the sparkle in your eyes almost blinded me' which is obviously a pick up line, why not simply tell her she has beautiful eyes. She will see the more genuine side of what you are saying and although it can also be seen as a pick up line, it is thinly disguised as a compliment as well. If you want to use the pick up line then make sure you are smiling when you say it or she will more than likely see you as the prize goose.

You do not really need to use anything to clever when you are trying to pick up a girl. Girls love a guy with a smile and confidence and they are the two biggest things that girls will say joins them to a guy. If you are looking your best and you feel confident then you should simply go and say hello to a girl and introduce yourself.

I had a friend who used ever line in the book and if he did not get laughed at he would invariably get a slap in the face. Some of the things he would say were insulting while others were just plain stupid. I also had another friend who used the most ridiculous pick up line you could ever imagine but he always said it with a smile and added the second part of his line before the girl would think he was too serious. This worked for him all the time. He used to say, 'Would you like to come back to my place for a cup of coffee and sex' and before the girl could react too much, and especially if she started to show signs of displeasure at his approach, he would follow it up with, 'Why are you shocked, do not you drink coffee?' I actually saw him use that a few times and despite the fact he was not a great looking guy, it worked. I really believe it was more to do with his confidence though then the actual line.

So rather than use pick up lines to get girls try and keep it simple. Introduce yourself, ask her what her name is and start a genuine conversation. I can almost guarantee your conversions will be much higher.