Pick Up Women Using Negative Compliments (Negs) and Playing on Her Insecurities

Here’s a technique that is extremely effective for breaking though the facade of a woman who is acting like she’s too good for you. Let her know that you’re aware of her secret insecurities and you aren’t afraid to point them out. Now wait a second!! This is not an invitation to insult her. Instead I will show you crafty methods for pointing out her insecurities in ways that will make you seem confident (because no wimp would have the nerve to call her out) and discerning.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about. During conversation, casually say, “I’m trying to picture what you’d look like with longer hair. You should grow your hair out. It would work better with your symmetrical facial structure”. With this one comment, you actually gave a compliment and at the same time played on a major insecurity. Women spend tons of time and money on their hair and for you to say that just showed tremendous guts. You just proved that you’re not some wimp and got her thinking, “wow, this guy just might be in my league. I thought he was drooling all over me but apparently I’m going to have to work at getting and keeping his interest”. You’ve just made yourself ten times more challenging and at the same time given her a compliment and an insult that she can’t even get mad at you about. You have just put yourself on the level of a strong, discerning guy who’s not just going to fall for any hot chick that comes his way. If you just said, “Your hair looks terrible”, you would have alarmed her instant defense mechanisms and just made yourself look like a jerk.

Another one that works well is, “You should wear a little less makeup. Your face is so beautiful. I’d love to see you with a more natural look”. These are quick ways to shift the momentum of the conversation. If you can tell that she feels superior to you and that she’s starting to feel that she’s above your league, this technique is great for leveling the playing field. Instantly you will trigger tons of inner insecurities and keep her on her toes for the rest of the interaction. The key here is not to come across as a jerk when saying these things. Keep it light, playful and smile a lot. The last thing you want to seem is mean and bitter.