Pickup Truck Single Exhaust Stack – A Cloud In The Sky

What is more impressive to a diesel truck owner than billowing a big black cloud into the sky? Nothing! The newest craze in the diesel aftermarket is Exhaust Stacks. Is there anything aside from looks that these vertical tail pipes can give? This is the question of many. We will talk about the different types of stack kits available in this brief time.

The most popular of any stack kit out there by far is the dual exhaust stack kit. Grand Rock, a leading stack kit manufacturer makes stack kits with four and five inch connections under the bed and stack tip sizes ranging from four to eight inches and come in a variety of tip styles. These systems also are available in turbo back systems. Even by just adding a bed kit which is basically a cat-back stack system, the benefit can be great. From the under the bed connection the system goes from four inch to dual five inch which really opens up the exhaust allowing the exhaust gas temperatures to stay cooler and the engine to create more power due to the relieved back pressure on the engine. One of the best parts of upgrading to a stack exhaust system is the dramatic change in looks of the truck.

The newest version of truck stacks in the diesel performance aftermarket is the single exhaust stack. There is an increase in exhaust flow with the single stack over the stock exhaust system. The single exhaust stack goes from a four inch connection under the bed to five inch in the bed. Although it doesn’t increase performance as much as it would if it went from the stock exhaust to twin pipes there is a unique dramatic effect that the single exhaust stack has. The single stack puts all the exhaust out one pipe which creates one big and thick cloud in the sky. To make it smoke like that one must be running rich on the fuel, but in my experience every time I’ve seen a single stacked truck get on the gas and dump a big black cloud into the sky, shortly after people come by thinking that there is a big fire going on. Imagine their surprise when they see that it was a truck that made the big black cloud that was thrust straight up in the air. Needless to say the single exhaust stack is a real attention getter.

In conclusion truck stacks are not for everyone. For the people that want to get attention or to be the biggest, meanest looking truck in town… stacks are a must.