Pirelli Rubber Flooring Review: Unlocking the Hype Behind the Name

Pirelli Rubber Flooring Group is one of the biggest players in the rubber industry. They’ve been manufacturing tires and tiles for more than a century already, making them great experts in the field. This is also why they are so well known. However, as age isn’t always the marker of great quality, it is still a very wise move to look further into the company’s background and services if there’s any real credit to their claims.

Looking into the brand name ACTIVA, you can easily learn that it has a wide selection of products. Each are specially designed to meet specific needs, allowing people to choose which one will suit their requirements and preferences the best.

As there are a wide number of uses for rubber flooring, Pirelli makes sure that they are able to cover every base their market needs. They have something that will work well for playgrounds, for retail stalls, karate gyms, and even for motorcycle shops. All of which are made with high quality materials and not just the skimp out versions where rubber is mixed with cork or foam to make it cheaper.

Pirelli boasts of high quality items, and this has always been proven of merit because of the great performance their products have. Any industrial facility would love their High Performance tiles which are chemical and oil resistant, while any sensitive room that discharges electric static will surely benefit from the Electro Static Dissipation tiles that are specially crafted for such purpose.

Stylish settings also don’t have to risk the safety of their patrons, just because they want to impress with nice floors. This brand also has a good number of aesthetically designed rubber tiles that can wow any guest at any time. For example, the Cosmo tiles are commonly used for museums and hospitals alike.

What a lot of people do not know, though, is that they also have a line for sports flooring. According to the products list in the ACTIVA website, which is the Pirelli Rubber Flooring Group’s brand name, they also offer such a line that can also be used in other applications. Of course, this is a great thing for gym owners, may it be a commercial fitness center or just a home kind, because this is one of the most common demands for such products.

With the great services the Pirelli Rubber Flooring Group has given the public for more than a hundred years, it is really not surprising why more and more people are investing on this brand. Sure, they may get a little pricey, but you can always look for discounts online or from your local dealer.