Plan A Holiday Party In 10 Steps

Holiday parties can be major events, requiring plenty of planning during this busy time of year. Be sure you plan far enough ahead so that everyone can work your party into their holiday schedule. Here is a helpful guide for planning your party.

Step One

Set the date. Try to plan your party several weeks before Christmas before travel plans and other holiday activities fill everyone’s calendars. Perhaps ask some friends when a good date for them would be to ensure that your favorite people can attend.

Step Two

Come up with party ideas and decide which ideas you would like to follow. Decide whether you want a large gathering with catered food, a small get together with friends, or maybe a mix of both. You can easily find holiday party ideas online or in holiday magazines to get ideas. You could try a dressy cocktail party, a black and white themed party, a caroling party, a soup party, or a tree trimming party. Determine your budget before you make any final decisions.

Step Three

Write a guest list. Invite some close friends for a sit-down dinner, or as many people as your house will hold for a jovial get-together with small snack, mini-meals, and drinks. Remember that not everyone you

invite will be able to come. Those who can attend may come and leave at different times, leaving your house more room for guests.

Step Four

Decide on a menu. If you are hiring a Utah holiday caterer, consult with the caterer as soon as possible and plan the menu. Be sure to include healthy foods too. If you are serving alcohol, have non-alcoholic drinks also available for those that don’t drink. Be sure you have a good estimate of the guest list and you stay within your budget. Consider using the caterer for other items as well, such as the decorations, linens, and flatware.

Step Five

Send out the invitations. Invitations should go out as early in December as possible so that your guests can RSVP. Be sure to include the meal time or arrival time, possible activities, if they can bring food, and appropriate dress.

Step Six

Decorate. Depending on the party, you can use traditional decorations with centerpieces, or use themed party decorations. If you need help with the decorations, plan a mini party with the girlfriends to make some decorations, or a shopping trip to your local store, or perhaps even borrow some decorations from close friends. It’s always a good idea to have a holiday tree, snowflakes, and candles. (Be sure to thoroughly clean your house before you fully decorate.)

Step Seven

Buy all the party items. Buy the food, beverages, paper goods, and decorations you will need for the party.

Step Eight

If necessary make the food and chill the beverages, or set up a time with the caterer, set the tables or make the arrangements on the serving table.

Step Nine

Just before the guests arrive, turn on the holiday tunes and set out the food and drinks. Leave the entryway open for the guests to come in! Perhaps have hot cider or hot chocolate ready to warm your guests from the cold outside.

Step Ten

Mingle and have fun!