Plank Abs

What is the best way to harden and tone your abs?  Planks  work all four of the muscles that make up the rectos abdominis. The point of your abs is to compress the abdominal contents and support the spine. Your abs should be hardest in the  plank  position. So if you want your abs to look their best shouldn’t you work your abs in the position you want them to look best in?

You are in the prone position pretty much all day every day- when you’re standing, walking, and even sitting (with proper posture-no slouching- you have to hold your upper body erect). If you train your abs to look good in a prone position then they will look good all the time. Another bonus is  planks  also help stabilize and work your lower back muscles!

 Plank  Abs! For hard defined abs

Diet and fitness go hand in hand, and the magic of  planks  will only work if you’re eating healthy and have low enough body fat. So  planks  combined with a good diet = a sexy stomach! Even though it’s a simple exercise, there are TONS of variations of  planks  so you should never get bored.

Front  planks , side  planks  (to work the internal/external obliques),  planks  in pushup position, raised  planks ,  planks  with one arm or leg raised,  planks  with a up/down or side-to-side rocking motion… you get the idea. Also you can mix it up by increasing the time you spend in  plank  position- going from 30 seconds to eventually a 2 minute  plank  (with 3 or 4 reps)! You need to remember to flex your abs hard and tight when doing  planks  and really push yourself. So add this into your workout to make your stomach flat and if you have a low enough body fat percentage it will really make your six pack pop!

Don’t forget there is almost nothing better for back health and spine support!