Plank Bamboo Flooring – The Green Flooring Option

Stronger than traditional hardwood, and just as good looking, plank bamboo flooring is fast becoming the favorite option for those who want wooden flooring, but not at the high price. Bamboo flooring can easily be mistaken for wood flooring. A grass that matures in five years, bamboo is a natural flooring option that is eco-friendly, unlike trees that take several years to mature. With its distinct appearance, bamboo also looks very elegant and stylish and depending on the décor, can look quite trendy or antique, just like seasoned wood floors.

With its origins in Asia, bamboo floors for kitchen have been their traditional flooring for centuries. It is abundantly available and is a renewable resource. It lasts long and is not difficult to take care of. Bamboo being a wood derivative has the same appeal as wood flooring but at a far lesser price. This is because bamboo is easier to grow repeatedly, compared to wood or timber.

Plank bamboo flooring has proven itself to be more durable than oak and maple. Unlike wood flooring, bamboo does not easily absorb moisture and is more resistant to getting damaged and this makes it easier to maintain without the use of chemicals that may harm it.

Plank bamboo flooring is made of bamboo strips. These strips are split, and then compacted. After this they are laminated and glued together. A UV coating treatment is given, after which it is glossed and sanded. This is ideal for flooring because the planks are made at high pressure. When these planks are laminated, they become even more durable and resistant to scratches and warping.

With its natural looks, plank bamboo flooring has charming patterns and natural color shades, ranging form light to dark caramel. The bamboo can achieve a dark shade through carbonizing during a pressure steaming process. The colors tend to be inherent in the planks, so the planks usually not need to be stained at the time of refinishing. Most bamboo plank are also available in blue, green, orange etc. at higher costs. In bamboo, you can get unfinished as well as finished planks.

Looking after plank bamboo flooring is simple. It has to be set free from dust particles. About the only thing to watch out for is discoloration over time. But some people like the way that looks. You can refinish it by applying a de-glosser followed by a fresh coat of finish.

Depending on the manufacturer you go in for, these planks may be available with the prominent bamboo nodes that give the planks their unique appearance. The solid as well as the engineered planks resemble oak flooring and are easy to install. You can install your bamboo planks on an existing concrete flooring by gluing or floating. If there is an existing wood floor, it can be nailed down on it.