Plank Floor Installation

Installation of the wood flooring adds beauty to your home. They are in fashion nowadays. It was considered as an expensive option, but with the help of the latest advancements of technology, new and low-cost engineered hardwood and vinyl flooring has been introduced. These types of floors are equally beautiful and are affordable.

Advantages of plank floors:

A known advantage of this type of flooring is that they are waterproof. Hence, they protect your floor from the damage from water. The solid wood floors are damaged in the presence of moisture and become stained. So, plank floors are the best option to be used in kitchen and bathrooms. It is easy to clean and maintain. It inhibits the growth of moth and mildew on it. They are also available in numerous designs and styles to make your home look beautiful. These floors are available in different colors, such as mahogany, maple and oak. You can select the design and color according to your choice and theme of the decoration. They are more durable than the solid wood floors.

Installation of plank floors:

The main advantage of this flooring is that they are very easy to install. With the help of new techniques of flooring and awareness among people, you can easily install them at home. If you know the basic techniques of floor installation, this can be a piece of cake for you. It takes only a few hours to completely renovate the floors of your home with the plank floors.

The following tips should be followed for the easy installation of the vinyl plank flooring.

1. Always start installation of the floor from the walls and corner walls.

2. Start from one corner first, and then slowly more toward the other corner of the room by placing the planks on the floor.

3. You can use adhesives recommended by the manufacturer to properly install the floors on the surface. In certain cases manufacturer also makes self-sticking planks that do not require additional adhesives during the installation process.

4. Highlight the boundaries with the chalk.

5. Use a floor roller to smooth the surface after placing the plank on the floor.

6. Before installation measure the area of the room accurately.

7. In case of the presence of any holes or cracks on the surface of the floor, use a patching compound before putting your vinyl plank floors on that surface.

Hence, they are very easy to install. By following the above mentioned tips, you can neatly place your plank floors on the surface to increase the beauty of your home. This will also save the money of hiring a professional for this purpose.