Plank Opakapaka with Stir Fry Vegetables, Sesame Noodles & Grilled Pineapple

This is a fun way to make a Hawaiian Style BBQ at home. The Planked Opakapaka, stir fried vegetables & grilled pineapple are offset with the chilled sesame noodles. This is a easy way to entertain on a warm end of summer day!


Opakapaka Fillets (6 / 7oz, or 12 / 14oz)

Tom Douglas Peri Peri Rub


Soba Noodles or thin Spaghetti

Mixed Vegetables for Sir Fry

Soy Sauce

Sesame Seeds

Green Onions

Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Olive Oil

Alder or Cedar Grill Plank

Preparing the Plank:

Remove the plank from the plastic wrap.

Place the plank in a sink, clean dish tub or pot & fill with water.

Place something heavy on the plank to completely submerge it in the water.

Soak the plank for a minimum of 1 hour, but overnight or all day is best if you want to re-use the plank the maximum number of times.

Prep Time (15-20 Minutes)

Thaw the Opakapaka Fillets in the refrigerator overnight or run under cold water to thaw.

In a mixing bowl, place 2 tsp of Tom Douglas Peri Peri Rub & 3-4 tbsp of Olive oil. Mix together.

Remove the Opakapaka Fillets from the package & place on a plate skin side down.

With a knife, score the fillets at a 45 degree angle every ½ ½..

Coat the meat side of the Opakapaka Fillets with the Tom Douglas Peri Peri Rub & Olive Oil. We use a basting brush.

Cook your Soba Noodles or thin Spaghetti in boiling water. If using Thin Spaghetti, add Soy Sauce to the boiling water instead of salt before placing the pasta in the water. Cook al dente. Rinse the noodles & toss with sesame oil & sesame seeds.

Slice the green onions thinly and toss with the pasta. Refrigerate

Chop your vegetables to sauté with olive oil and or your favorite stir fry sauce.

Slice your Pineapple into 3/8 inch cross sections & lightly sprinkle with brown sugar or Peri Peri Rub (Sweet or Spicy Sweet)

Cooking Time: (10-15 Minutes)

Pre-heat your BBQ. If charcoal, place the fire to one side. If gas, light both burners on high for 10 minutes.

Place the Grill Plank on the hot coals side of the BBQ for 5 minutes or until it begins to smoke or directly over one burner on the gas BBQ until smoking.

Move the Grill Plank to the indirect heat side of the Charcoal grill or turn off the burner on the gas grill under the plank. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil on the Grill Plank.

Place the Opakapaka Fillets skin side down on the Grill Plank & close BBQ lid. The Opakapaka will be ready when there are white lines through the fillets & they have become flakey when touched with a fork. Do not overcook! The fillets will still be cooking when you remove them from the plank.

Place the Pineapple rounds on the grill after the Opakapaka has been cooking for 7-8 minutes. spice / brown sugar side down, turn in 2 or 3 minutes, then remove 2 or 3 minutes later.

Saute your vegetables with olive oil and or your favorite stir fry sauce.

For oven cooking, just pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. With the Grill Plank on the rack.


Remove the Cooked Opakapaka Fillets from the plank, moving the directly to the plate.

Remove Pineapple rounds from grill & place on the plate.

Turn off the BBQ.

Place the Plank in cold water to extinguish. (The Plank is generally good for up to 5 "firings")

Add your Stir Fry Vegetables to the plate.

Add the Sesame Noodles to the plate.