Planning a Party Online

Parties are not only a social norm, they're always a blast. However, whenever you're planning a birthday party for the kids or a day designated just for the girls, party planning can be a lot of work! Invitations, food, and decorations have to be picked out and luckily, party planning services are making your job easier.

Some websites such as Birthday in a Box allow you to customize your child's birthday party experience to make it extra special. For example, if your child can not get enough of Disney, you can pick out personalized party decorations revolving around the mouse himself. If you're planning a relaxing get together for the girls, Birthday in a Box has them party planning options, such as 'Spa Party,' complete with invitations, decorations, centerpieces and t-shirts.

Another party planning service, Evite, takes a different route in your event planning process. This website actually lets you create an event page, invite all of your friends, and interact with them as well. Friends and family members can leave the party organizer messages, share party images and even use fun features to rsvp! Need help planning the party itself? Evite offers menu and recipe ideas, party 'to-do' checklists and even an alcoholic beverage calculator (so you know how many bottles of Cuervo to pick up to accommodate your of-age guests).

The Internet's plethora of party planning services all have one characteristic in common: make the planning process fun while saving you from having to hire an event coordinator. These services are convenient for their combination of event-planning advice and resources, as well as their extensive database of party products. Your next event is sure to be a success if you plan ahead and use all that the Web offers!