Planning an Engagement That's Truly Memorable

When it comes to planning marriage proposals, each of us has varied preferences and specific aspirations. This is why it's important to plan a special moment that will be memorable to your partner and to you as a couple. First off, always consider what your partner likes. You may be familiar with how popular surprise engagements are nowadays, those that usually include some drama and special participation of a mob. However, no matter how such engagements look good, the moment may be ruined if your partner is uncomfortable with all the attention from a lot of people. Consider first if you think your partner will prefer an intimate moment between the two of you, or if she will be happier with an engagement presented in a crowd (may it be with strangers or your own family and friends). Deciding on this particular issue will give you a good starting point for your planning.

Whether you're planning it to be with a crow or as an intimate moment between you two, make it a point to test the waters so you can decide on a perfect timing for the proposal. Drop some few conversations about taking your relationship further, talking about each other's opinions about starting a family and having kids. Even though you're already talking about taking your relationship to the next level, you can still plan the engagement to be a surprise without having her suspect anything suspicious.

Buying an engagement ring can certainly take a reasonable amount of your time and budget, so make sure you plan carefully. Consider her particular likes and dislikes on jewelry – you can usually refer to her usual fashion and lifestyle so you'll have an idea about the type of rings she prefers. You can also ask some of her friends and family members to help you on the ring shopping. However, make sure the planning is sufficient enough so as not to ruin the surprise. When going ring shopping, also make it a point to be equipped with the right info. If you're aiming for a diamond ring, for instance, make sure to know about the 4Cs of diamond jewelry, namely carat, color, cut, and clarity. Also research about standard market pricing for customized jewelry or wholesale diamonds. Remember to double-check the quality of the product, along with the reputation of the shop you're transacting with.

Apart from preparing the specifics – time and venue, details of the engagement proposal, who will be able to witness, organizing the food, flowers, and planning the perfect moment, among others – it's also essential to prepare some heartwarming speech to go with your "will you marry me?" question. It does not really need to be fancy, but remember to tailor your speech according to what and who your partner is.

Of course, the tips here may elicit varied reactions from different people. What's important to remember is to plan the engagement according to what you think your partner will like. Consider her personality, her fashion preferences, as well as her popular favorites. Planning the engagement according to what she likes and desires will surely make her feel more special and loved by you.