Planning the Ultimate Gift for Your Wife

When it comes to buying a gift for the wife, it is always the thought that counts. It does not matter if you are newlyweds or are looking at your golden anniversary, when it comes to a gift for your wife, preparation is the key. What kind of preparation, you may ask? Well, generally if you hand your wife a chunk of cash she may go out and buy something, but so what. She could have done that herself, that's what credit cards are for! But a gift that requires planning, now that is a gift any wife can love.

Tell the Story of Your Love

There are some really clever ways to show the path of your relationship in the gift you give her. Some of it is very obvious, like an engraved frame or key fob that says that special phrase you share or movie quote you both love. These seem like very simple gifts, but because you need to plan them, they mean so much more than just a simple picture frame or key fob. And the bragging rights come with them! Some are more adventurous, like getting that ultimate spa set, and then setting the night as "assist" in her enjoying it! Of course, with this kind of gift for your wife you get the pleasure of making yourself part of the gift itself. Or perhaps it is just the pleasure of being in the middle of it that makes it so romantic. Maybe she is the literary type who loves to curl up every night with her latest book. Did you know there are versions of Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, even Wind in the Willows that you can order? They put the both of you right in the middle of the story! You just decide who is what character and they print it up with her sitting on the balcony saying "Where for art thou – Robert?" (if that's your name, that is) looking for her Romeo. Just think what fun that would be! You just may start a whole new tradition with this one!

Tell about Her Passions

If you know her, then you know also what she is passionate about (enclosed you, of course). Is it her garden, her church, or her clothes? Does she talk on the phone non-stop with every friend? What is it about her that you love, just because it is something she is so involved in? Now think about what that looks like. Because there are ways to create gifts that use that knowledge, if you take the time to create them.

There are charm bracelets that are made up of little silver, gold or glass beads. Each bead is its own little message; a little silver cat like the one she feeds every morning, a blue glass bead that reminds you of that first big vacation on the shore, a little silver and enamel paint palette for the artistic soul. Each bead is a memory of her, a gift for your wife that could only come from you. It is the perfect proclamation of just how much you treasure this woman and want the world to know.

These are the kinds of gifts any wife would love because they show that you know her and understand what she cares about. And you took the time to create this. That is such an important key to understanding what kinds of gifts for wife she would love to get from her husband. Love, knowledge and time are the secret weapons.