Planning Your Perfect Honeymoon

The honeymoon is the part of your wedding plans that you are probably the most excited about. It is your chance to get away and be alone with your new spouse, and after all the hustle and bustle of the wedding, you probably need that time together! But the honeymoon can be stressful if you are not careful.

First of all, it is important to remember that travel takes planning and can be expensive. Your wedding plans are so full of other details that you may have forgotten to work out your travel arrangements. If you plan to travel for your honeymoon, be sure to start making the arrangements well in advance. Air-fare, hotel rooms, and other travel costs have a tendency to be lower when you book earlier. Purchasing tickets and reserving rooms early is also the easiest way to be sure that you can get to your desired destination when the time arrives. Be sure to confirm your plans with the airline and the hotel shortly before you leave. It would do you no good to arrive in Hawaii only to find that your hotel has overbooked and your room has been given away. If you plan on traveling out of the country, a passport will be necessary as well. Keep in mind that passport applications take time to process, and you may have to wait several weeks before receiving yours. It is a good idea to apply for a passport a few months before the wedding, if you know that you will be traveling out of the country for your honeymoon. Also note that all of this may be easier if you work through a travel agent, who will be able to arrange and keep track of details for you.

Of course you can go anywhere you want on your honeymoon. Be sure, however, that your destination offers activities you want to participate in. You and your spouse will want to enjoy yourselves while you are away. Be careful not to overbook yourself, however. This is your time to relax and simply be with each other. You do not want to schedule every minute of your time, so that you have no time to just unwind.

Something else you will want to work into your wedding plans is when exactly you will be leaving on your honeymoon. It is not recommended that you leave the day of your wedding. First, you have already had a long and probably tiring day. Second, the wedding night is meant to be special, and should not have the stress of travel added to it. You may want to stay in a local hotel your first night. Sleep in the next morning. Relax. Schedule your travel for later in the day. Some couples also choose to stay in the area for a few nights, and simply take a "honeymoon" vacation after a year or so. This option is certainly open to you, if you want it. It will allow you to relax on your wedding night, spend some time with your new spouse, and take time to save up money for your trip.

Be sure to go somewhere you will enjoy on your honeymoon, whether this includes traveling the world or locking yourself in your apartment for a few days. Make the arrangements early, so that you can avoid unnecessary stress. Most importantly, enjoy the time you will have alone with the one you love most.