Plant Stem Cells – Defying Age – Inside and Outside

They say that age is just a state of mind. Yet, some facts prove it is not, actually.

People age because their cells age too. Beneath the wrinkles and gray hair, there lies a unique mechanism that only our body can understand fully well-aging.

Cell aging has always baffled scientists and laypersons alike. Yet, after years of research, they have actually defined the two most important processes that appear as milestones in the life of a cell-mitosis and apoptosis.

Mitosis is the process of cell division. Different types of cells have different life spans and they divide according to the work that they do or the demand for their functions. For example, cells which make up the stomach, the lips and the intestines live for only 3 days. Our skin cells die after 20 days. Our red blood cells live for 120 days. Our liver cells live for 200 days. Brain cells have a longer life-30-50 years.

Yet, there are also factors which we have to consider which leads to faster aging. Hereditary factors, our diet and our environment are these factors. It is said that the color of your skin will affect how your skin will age. Dark skin is slow to age and fair skin is faster to age.

Next is the role of diet. A diet rich in Vitamins A and E is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants are rich in fruits and vegetables. A hostile environment can cause the skin to age faster. Sun exposure and smoking are stresses which speeds up skin aging.

Cell death or apoptosis is beneficial because it makes old cells die and gives rise to the regeneration of new cells, which make the person be more youthful and fresh-looking.

There is another form of cell death which is termed as necrosis. Necrosis is not a natural way to die among cells. It is an accidental death or a traumatic death brought about when cells, who are not expected to die, experience a lack of nutrients or ischemia-a lack of oxygen due to a lack of blood supply. This stresses lead to the production of oxides and free radicals which when present inside the cell, control the cell’s processes and makes it die.

Having known these facts, how do we delay skin aging?

Synthetic drugs, creams, peeling and depigmentation agents cause stresses. They also lead to death of cells, and eventually regeneration, but through the unhealthy process of necrosis. Necrosis, as a traumatic type of cell death, can make the cells go “crazy”— and they emit signals which are misleading to other cells. Cell biological processes go berserk. The process may give rise to CANCER-which is a product of miscommunication and chaos among the cell organelles and processes.

We should promote a healthy type of death among our cells. And there is only one way to achieve this-natural therapy with the use of plant stem cells. Plant stem cells are derived from buds, young shoots and rootlets. These cells are very young and have never been exposed to stresses. They are delicate materials yet they have potent pure substances within them. We at PSC Plant Stem Cell Nutrition has applied the latest biological technology in processing these cells as carefully as we can, so that we can make them into therapies-for the modern men and women who are exposed to stress, air pollution and infectious exposure every day. We have a range of ointments and oral solutions to suit you.

While you are reading this article, some of your cells are dying. Are you sure they are dying a natural type of death, considering the food you have just eaten, your busy and sleepless lifestyle and the medicines you are taking? If you act now, you can encourage them to die a natural death and to regenerate new cells. New cells lead to a renewed body and mind. Act now before it is too late! PSC Plant Stem Cells Therapy is the answer.