Plasma and LCD TV Stands, Cabinets, and Wall Brackets

When you make the investment of purchasing a LCD or plasma TV, it's best to decide on and buy something that will help display your television and protect it at the same time. There are several different items that will work for this.

There are TV wall brackets that you can purchase that will mount your LCD or plasma TV on a wall for you. There are a few different varieties of these wall mounting brackets. There are low-profile TV wall mount brackets, tilting wall mounting brackets and full-motion wall mount brackets.

Low profile brackets look and feel a lot like hanging a picture on a wall. Strong, metal brackets are braced to the wall, and your LCD or plasma TV hangs on top of them securely. You have to be sure about where you want to hang it because once it's up there, there's no adjusting, and it's hard to remove afterwards. Low-profile wall mounting TV brackets are the cheapest of the different types of wall mounting brackets, and they're the easiest to install, as well.

Tilting wall mount brackets are like low-profile TV wall mount brackets except for the fact that tilting wall mount brackets are adjustable in a side to side motion to make them easy to view from different positions. These brackets are in the moderately priced range. The difficulty of putting tilting wall mount brackets on the wall is comparable to the difficulty level of the full-motion wall mount brackets.

Full-motion wall mount brackets are basically arms that extend your television away from the wall, and they are on an axis that offers a full range of motion for your TV, making it viewable by adjustment from anywhere in the room. Full-motion wall mount brackets are the most complicated TV brackets to mount, and they are often the most expensive, as well.

There are TV stands that are made specifically for LCD and plasma TVs. Some have mounting bars on the back of them, and some are made to fit a flat panel TV on them securely. You can find these stands in different materials. The mounted types of stands are usually made of metal. You can find a TV stand made partly of metal, and partly of wood. There's even a stylish looking TV stand made of glass and metal.

Another item that can be used to put your LCD or plasma TV on is a TV cabinet. There are TV cabinets made today to fit LCD and plasma flat panel style TVs. They come in wood, metal, and glass. There are TV cabinets that close up and hide your television when it's not being used. There are other styles of cabinets that look like book shelves. They hold your television, while displaying other items on their multiple shelves.

With all the different items available today to put your plasma or LCD television on, you can make your new TV blend seamlessly into your living area without allowing it to become a chunky eyesore.