Plastic Bed Liners – 7 Tips to Choose

Not long ago while driving along a major highway, I saw this big black object up ahead on the shoulder of the road. As we drew closer, it took shape. What was it? A full size drop in plastic bed liner. Oh my! Plastic bed liners are famous for several tricks. Here are 7 tricks to look for…

1. The big sail.

A poor fit of a bed liner means… wind gets under the liner! Then it’s up, up and away if the fasteners let go. So look out for a good fit. There’s a better way as you’ll see below…

2. Tough enough.

There’s hardly anything tougher than one of these thick, heavy plastic liners. So if you’re hauling anything really abrasive, like concrete blocks for example, it’s tough to beat these liners. They’re tough enough… for most anything.

3. Where did the water go?

Huh oh! Some plastic liners trap water underneath. Give that time and you’ll get rust. That can destroy a truck bed if left alone. So make sure the liner you pick has a good way for the water to get out. Otherwise… big trouble.

4. Bed caps and tonneaus…

Watch how a plastic liner fits up around the bed rails. The fit may make it almost impossible to use it with bed caps or tonneau covers. Get ready to do some serious trimming if the fit isn’t right. Plan ahead.

5. Fit or else.

A poor fit does another bad number. See the wind on a bed cover that doesn’t fit right can turn the cover into a shaking, vibrating “sander.” Not really a sander, but all that moving can wear off big patches of paint. That’s common with plastic liners and another rust starter.

6. Price…

Online shopping is a fast way to see your options. The other plus to buying online is getting a discount price and often free shipping too. But how could a company ship a big, bulky liner to your door? Here’s the deal…

7. One Piece.

Get a liners that’s not one piece, but 5 pieces. The DualLiner is an example. This model consists of a heavy rubber mat on the bed bottom, then plastic panels that snap together for the front, back and sides of the bed. These DualLiner bed liners solve most of the problems found in plastic bed liners and they’re still cheap too.

Some kind of protection for a pickup bed is a must. Make sure you choose a liner that protects and not one that does hidden damage.