Plastic Discount Card

Nowadays many organizations like religious places, schools and charity organizations use plastic discount cards to provide Fund-raising Opportunities. Well how does this program work? These cards are given a face value at which they are sold to sponsors – $5, $10, $20 or any sum that is suitable. These charity organizations then go out into the society and have companies consent to offer special discounts to their organizations’ sponsors. The plastic cards are then printed with the company profile and the discount offers are than accessible to the cardholder.

These plastic discount cards offer advantages to everybody involved. The businesses make capital for their programs by selling the card as this card provides increased exposure and is a great method for advertising. Offering discounts is a lot more preferable by the organizations than giving away gift cards as that drives the consumers to their location and encourages repeat business because most eating places and retail establishments are visited by many wishing to give away donations as they become reluctant to continue giving items away. The purchaser or supporter also benefits from these plastic cards as they are also getting unique discounts at different locations in their area.

Scratch Off and Peel off panels are commonly placed onto the plastic discount cards. Scratch off panels are commonly found on plastic cards lottery tickets or game pieces used for promotions and to bring the excitement of winning and combine it with the lasting durability of the plastic card. Schools, groups or other organizations looking for fund-raising avenues can utilize this feature to customize their cards. On the other hand Peel off panels offer a method to provide two separate discounts – first the instant coupons that can be peeled off the plastic card and used at the merchants’ location, and second a separate discount that stays on the card and can be used repeatedly.

Some of the advantages of using plastic discount cards are as follows:

-An exceptional way to ensure that the customers return. The cards are kept in their purse/wallet and they use it time after time.

-If a customer has your discount card, he is most likely to return to you rather than to that of which he/she has no card.

-They are highly durable, and encourage repeat business.

-Provides a professional image at an affordable cost.

-Quality discount card printing increases your businesses revenue

-Helps reward your customers and generate a great deal of money for organizations by creating customer loyalty

Apart from the fund-raising opportunities, these cards are used to increase sales, customers, and get your company more visible. They are obtainable in different, creative patterns and designs. By use of this, businesses give incentives to their customers for regular visits. The cards are waterproof, tear proof, scratch resistant, and available in other card protections. A business which creates excellent discount cards would have repute in the fierce competitive market. Always make your cards something to be proud of and for that reputed printing company must be selected.