Plastic Garden Storage – Is a Deck Box Right For You?

Deck boxes are a popular type of plastic garden storage. These containers provide a convenient place to stow garden tools and supplies, making your yard look nicer and keeping paths clear for pedestrian traffic. But not all deck boxes are created equal. And depending on your needs, a different type of garden storage may be a better fit. So before you buy a deck box, consider the following six questions:

1. Is a deck box the right type of storage for your needs? If you're looking for a storage device that also provides a place to sit, consider the Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench. The seat of this clever device lifts up to offer 44 gallons of storage. Or if you have a lot of stuff, you might be happier with an outdoor shed.

2. Will it give you enough storage? Before you can find the perfect solution, you need to define your storage needs. Pretty simple, right? But it's worth an extra measure of care to avoid unpacking a deck box, only to learn that it is not big enough to accomodate everything you want to put inside it. Deck boxes come in various sizes, ranging from Suncast's 50-gallon Original Deck Box all the way up to the Deluxe Deck Box, which holds 127 gallons. If even that is not enough storage, it's time to consider a storage shed.

3. Will it be in the sun? If so, choose a deck box that's made out of UV-resistant plastic. But even if it's UV-resistant, you can extend the life of any plastic garden storage product by placing it in the shade.

4. Will it keep your things dry? Because your deck box will be stored outside, it will probably be exposed to water from rain, sprinklers, or both. If you're storing plastic items, a bit of water may not be a big deal. On the other hand, items made out of metal, wood, or paper require protection from the elements. If this is the case, make sure that your deck box does a good job of keeping water away.

5. Is it aesthetically appealing? The bad news is that most plastic deck boxes come in beige, so you do not have a lot of choices. The good news is that beige is a neutral color that offers to recede into the background. This is a good thing because even an attractive deck box is more utilitarian than decorative.

6. Will it last? No matter what kind of plastic garden storage product you buy, you want one that will hold up. Unfortunately, you can not always believe manufacturers' claims about the durability of their deck boxes. And reviews on sites such as are not always reliable, either. Still, I believe that consumer reviews are useful, especially if several reviewers point out the same item. A single complaint may be attributed to the reviewer's idiosyncrasy, but a dozen complaints probably point to a defect in the product.

By asking the six questions in this article, you'll be well on your way to choosing a deck box or other plastic storage product that meets your needs. Organizing your yard has never been so easy.