Plastic Jersey Barriers: Their Use, Design, and Importance

Plastic jersey barriers are heavy duty, low density, water filled barriers used for short term or small jobs. They are a great alternative to the standard concrete jersey barriers since they are less expensive and do not require the added labor costs incurred with installation and transport.

These barriers save time and money because they can easily be moved from job site to job site without the use of a crane or truck. They are re-usable and are ideal for construction sites, controlling pedestrian traffic, natural disaster barricades, road projects and security installations.

Plastic jersey barriers are available in seven standard colors and they can be ordered in several custom colors. The primary or most commonly ordered colors are bright orange, yellow, or white. They provide excellent visibility to ensure the work zones will be safe to pedestrians and / or motorists.

The water filled plastic barriers are a safer option for roadway work sites since the amount of vehicle damage incurred upon impact is much less than with concrete barriers.

The three most popular styles of the plastic jersey barriers include:

Traditional – The traditional barriers have a standard height of 42 inches or 46 inches with two different lengths, 72 inches and 96 inches. The most popular size is 42 "x 24" x 96 "and is available in one of seven standard colors as well as the custom colors. provides excellent visibility and will produce only minimal damage to most vehicles that comes in contact with the barrier. highway construction sites due to the easy move ability as well as the safety to vehicle collision.

Lightweight Traditional – The lightweight barrier is a version of the standard height traditional version with less weight. This style weighs only 100 pounds when unfilled. They are excellent for emergency situations that require a quick grab and go barrier. In an emergency situation the lightweight fighters perform very well. They are extremely study, well made and will protect pedestrians or traffic in a major of natural disaster or security situations.

Low Height – Low height jersey plastic barricades range in height from 24 inches to 34 inches. They measure six, eight or ten feet in length and are also available in one of seven colors as well as the custom colors. This style of barricade is excellent for the partitioning of temporary work zones and also works well in parking lots. The smaller height makes the work zone visible to traffic with enough of a barrier to prevent accidents and injuries to the workers. The low height barricades are also popular for use at airports and other areas that require emergency security barriers.

When your work site requires pedestrian or vehicle control, plastic jersey water barriers provide a heavy duty option to prevent interference yet are light enough to be easily transported and relocated. The durable plastic is made to withstand both impact and the elements and will provide many years of use.