Plastic Pants

Plastic pants are a cheaper alternative to disposable diapers not only for children but also come in larger sizes for incontinent youth and adults. They not only offer considerable savings over the use of disposable diapers, but also boast environment-friendly features. Plastic pants are used over cloth diapers but may also be used over disposable diapers if they are preferred over cloth diapers. Plastic pants help keep children and incontinent youth and adults dry. Some brands even provide extra protection to help prevent embarrassing stains and leaks.

When choosing plastic pants, comfort is very important since as it is, putting on plastic pants trap more heat than regular underwear. Choosing the right size may alleviate this problem, though. There are various plastic pants sizes available in a wide range of styles and colors. There are some people though who prefer a tighter fit while others prefer a looser fit. Once again, choosing plastic pants size is actually a matter of preference. When buying plastic pants an important size to consider is the waist size. It is recommended to choose plastic pant size that falls about the middle of the waist size range. There is even a wide variety of elastic types available, though people generally prefer wider elastics since they are more comfortable and less likely to pinch the skin. There are plastic pants manufacturers which offer custom made plastic pants for maximum comfort.

The demand for diversity in terms of color and design is the reason there are more styles to choose from in terms of color and pattern. These are a far cry from the generic solid white plastic pants which were the only type available in the past.

There are also other styles available these days to cater to consumers' needs. There are plastic pants which are pull-ons and are still the most preferred style. There are also snap-ons that offer easier accessibility and are preferred by the older consumers and nursing homes. Depending on personal choice, consumers may also choose plastic pants with different linings, although terry lined and flannel lined are still the most popular. Plastic pants users generally say that although terry lined plastic lines are more absorbent, flannel lined plastic pants are more comfortable since flannel traps less heat.