Plastic Wall Paneling and Food Preparation

The food production industry requires high levels of cleanliness and care to be taken during production and distribution in order to maintain the quality levels and safety of the food once it reaches the mouth of consumers.

This extends to any area where food is handled, prepared and cooked including the kitchens in restaurants, hotels and canteens as well as places of work including hospitals, schools and offices. The rooms need to be designed and decorated with cleanliness in mind, fulfilling the health and safety requirements necessary and protecting the employees within from any risk.


The floors should be covered in a non-slip material to prevent any falls at work. This will also ensure that no food lands on the floor or dirt from the floor comes into contact with any ingredients. The floors need to be cleaned twice daily as it is likely that small food particles will become logged in the rough surface of the floor. You can purchase non-slip lino specifically designed for use in kitchens.


Plastic wall panelling is the best way to uphold the health, safety and cleanliness of an area in which food is prepared or produced. The smooth surface area allows for easy cleaning as any spills can be wiped off quickly. The materials used in plastic wall panelling can resist anti-bacterial chemicals so the walls can be disinfected daily and their heat-resistant properties means that they will not lose their quality if they come into contact with boiling substances.

Work Tops

Ideally the worktops in a food preparation area should be made from stainless steel as this is the safest surface on which to work with food. Unlike wood, the smooth surface is not a friendly environment for bacteria and viruses and with every wipe these bodies are removed. The strength of the steel can also withstand sharp knives and hot pans so they will last for a longer period of time than other materials.

The perfect area in which food is prepared and produced should have wipe clean surfaces with nowhere for bacteria and germs to hide, the materials on the walls, floor and work tops should be heat resistant and strong against sharp knives, anti-bacterial chemicals and other kitchen instruments.