Playing Poker with the Monkeys on Full Tilt

You may be involved in many sit and go tournaments that include one or more monkeys that by way of odd circumstance end up with a chip lead and even worse, controlling the table. These players show up far more frequently than usual and because Full Tilt has a lot of them, your bad beats seem more frequent and more fantastic than normal.

Point of note here: A Monkey is a creature reference to players who know not what they are doing. They may be new, drunk, foolish, or just plain entertaining themselves. If these players are not managed well, you can often find yourself caught up in game of "stupid", where you feel your big cards are just supposed to make the monkey fold to "obvious hole card strength".

I have a complete "creature guide" for download as your screen background included in my new tournament strategy video series.

I play regularly on multiple sites and can attest to this valid hypothesis- Bad beats are relative to the amount of bad players you have at your table. I always take the example of Ultimate Bet for instance, where the site is usually full of very serious, knowledgeable players. My bad beats there are far less frequent, and in fact, I am usually the player sucking out against tougher competition!

Such foolish, careless players are often aggravating to the point that you feel you need to mix it up with them holding marginal cards. The better strategy though is to become even more patient than normal, using your MZone calculations to let you know how much time you have left. Surely, if you are Green MZone or Yellow MZone still, it's generally much better to watch the action rather than participate while having moderate hole cards.

You can be the toughest player on earth, and a monkey will still pay you off when your hand comes in. In addition, while you are sitting back watching, the monkeys who are not exactly getting along are more often than not, eliminating each other to your benefit.

Here is my general tournament strategy in regards to monkeys: Be extra patient, invite them into your welcoming corner and let them leave their money. They love to leave money (chips), so as a proper gentleman player, simply allow them to.