Plotters and Their Types

Types of a Plotters

There are three types of Plotters. They are the Drum Plotter, The Flat bed plotter and also the Inkjet Plotter. All of the three types are explained explicitly in the below mentioned lines. In the past a plotter was widely used in application such as the CAD, though it doesn’t happen that way anymore.

The Drum Plotter

Have you ever sat and spent time to ponder over what a plotter ever did? Apparently, the Drum Plotter happens to be an output device. In case of the Drum Plotters the pen is motioned on a single axis track while the paper itself moves on a cylindrical drum in a perfect bid to add another axis to the same. That’s the reason why the size of the graph is limited only by the width of the drum and can be of any length.

The Flat bed Plotter

This is yet another output device associated with a plotter for it is one of the three types of a plotter. Now in case of the Flat bed Plotter, the paper is fixed on a flat surface while the pens are motioned to draw the image. This is the plotter type which can successfully use several colored pens for the purpose so that the effect is different from the regular.

Here the size of the plot is limited only by the size of the flat bed.

The Inkjet Plotter

This is the third kind of Plotter which is called as the Inkjet plotter. It effectively pushes beads of ink directly onto the medium. In Today’s world, virtually all inkjets create color. Low-end inkjets make the most of the three ink colors (cyan, magenta and yellow), but finally create a complex black that is often mud-spattered. Four-color inkjets make use of the black ink created for pure black printing alone.