Plyometric Workouts to Make You Better

One of the exercises that you can include is aerobics. This can be done on a daily basis in order to enhance your cardiovascular system alongside plyometric workouts to improve your jumping.

It is natural that in starting your plyometric workouts, you want to perform the easy ones first and slowly work on the difficult ones later on. This is not a hard thing to do as there are a lot of plyometric exercises that you can choose from. Squats are a good routine to start with for beginners and usually used by a lot of athletes. I have listed some guidelines as to what exercises must be performed and in which step these should be included in your routine.

First Step

As mentioned above, squats must be added to your plyometric workouts. If you claim that you have not tried it in the past, it is most likely that you have seen it on television or in a gym. It is simply a movement which most actors, singers and athletes always do. You start with your feet apart just about the length of your shoulder. Then bend your knees into a squat and jump back to the squatting position. To get the best results in vertical jumping, this must be done a lot of times.

Second Step

The other exercise which must be incorporated in your routine is lunging. Having multiple benefits aside from enhancing your leap, it also enhances your muscle tone, cardiovascular system and your weight. Lunging can be performed in a lot of ways so before starting the lunges, you need to examine all of them and then decide which one is good for you. When you have done this, your next move is to find out how to execute them appropriately to avoid injuring yourself.

Third Step

This third step is the most significant exercise that you must include in your plyometric workouts. They are the step-ups or at times referred as box jumping. It involves stepping on and off a hard facade to enhance both of your agility and speed alongside your vertical leap. Since this is also the exercise that will possibly cause you injury, you must be sure that the surface you will use is sufficiently tough and make sure to follow the instructions well.

Starting your plyometric workouts will give you a big change in your built and will give you the outcome that you expect. And the best of all is that you will see that your vertical jump has also made a big improvement.