Poems Discovered From My Deothang Diary: Nature, Sex and Loneliness


Sky frozen

All around life shivers:

Autumn gloom


The narrow path teems

With creepers both sides wandering-

Trees grow


Smiling women

Too conspiring to understand-

Alien tongue


There is no tree

Over the mountain

I rest under the shade

Of a wandering cloud



In the guttural grave

Shadow's bodiness


Meeting at night

She chuckles and looks

A witch



Inner jerks in the train



Near the railway track

She squats with hand on the knees

And hides her parts

In half-dark the naked truth

Transforms nature into nude


In the cathedral of night

Over-run by sex-bugs

He's turned a zombie

To write versa with one hand

And rub flesh with the other


Tongue of death

In my temple

Flagellation of Christ-

Nudes couple in the mind

Titan, Renoir, Francesca

Botticelli and all


Falling shadows mock

My impotence, curse me

For standing alone

Like a Christ on the pavement

Begging for crucifixion


Man is an animal

With a peripheral smell

Thought Bertolt Brecht

She says she hates the smell

I know man as man

Is severely seen


Severed from the tree

He sways like a leaf kicked

By storm in a forest

Wanders alone to create

Meaningful poetry

Parallel to freedom

To end despotism

Of the New Right


Civilization has not spared the caves

Man suffers in the hands of parasites

Here too those who work often go without food


One upon the other

Hollow mounts

Crack and shatter

On the aged paths

Stray dogs bark

Who cares wherever

We breathe fog or air

Where we embark

Only shades prevail


Who's there that doesnt drink

The cocktail of sin and repentance

Trumpets do not wake

The blind saint and angel

Inveigled into sin

I await my turn

To enter the lake of fire


While I sit still

How my shadow moves-

The little flame of candle

Tossing against the wind

Egypt wheedling passion nestles

In the gray of mound


Stands a lone tree

In the wild wind and rain

Hoping miracle


Float over the hill

The autumn circles of smoke-

Her long hair streaming


A vivid darkness

Of moistened cavern-

Her mysterious hole


In labor's colony

She is coupled

Whole night and gets

Abused and flogged

In the morning

Lover turns ruffian

On blue black sheet

Stains dry up by

The body's heat


Images cry out

From the broken mirror

Sounds invade

In the evening before

The drink is freshened

I turn a bohemian


There he sits downcast

Unaware of tomorrow

Or where he'll go

Here they carouse and sing

Affirming the callous

Way of the world


Sex-torn women

Half-live with murdered desires

Weaving dreams of flesh

In Deothang their fingers lean

On looms with newer tales


He looks intently and chews

Her flesh before she feels

The oily warmth and bursts

Her naked anger he fails

To do down in the bamboo rustles

The rock slips and he balls up

His own tangled game


The wine of love swells

In my vessel dark shadows

Recede human dirt

Between sound and silence greets

The joy and bliss of spirit


When I see your wet beauty

Your body after the bath

When you wring out your saree

You twist my heart

I yen to enfold you back

In my ribs, I envy god


Darkness overwhelms

Desires do not let me sleep:

Sin of solitude


I open the window

Of my new house and count

Small houses in the valley

Mules and horses graze

Without a shepherd

The wind howls and the sun is down

The curves all around invisible

In the widening dark twinkles

The top of the house of god


Journeying I have seen the pale shades of life

Hollow faces of men, women and children and met

Many an oral sympathizer who talk

And praise before me and abuse behind

I've seen so much of their epileptic love and known

So much of their tricks I'm tired of my friends

In this market everyone is cheating and trying to get all giving nothing

Here I see the empty barrels scattered

The pox of the land

I see the fools flourishing and the righteous suffering

I see the beasts moving in the lungs of India

Stained by the blackness of birth

The noble and the simple uproot

In the dark star of the twilight spirit is poisoned

And despair has led millions to dig the earth

What treasure is hidden in the grave of man

I see many with eyes shut and heads cocked toward the sky but wonder

What candle of prayer they kindle

What fire they consume by the breath of their nostrils

What image they see what voice they hear

What dwells in their houses of clay

In the bulging belly of the earth I feel

The hidden pain of humanity

Marooned in the web of the hypocrites here

The pillows of society suck the blood of man

And the swine makes the land desolate

I know what flame is spread out

Man survives on the rubbish of ages

And sheathing leaves cover the graveyard I see

The sepulchral sadness in every home

Man has lost his coat

Deception shines in every eye and every institution looks a hoax

The dodging crowd on the road and the growing of the traffic upsets

The order and a wind of distrust blows all around

Human relationship is reduced to mere fear and passion

And humanity is bearing the burns of acid

Scars crown every head I see

Man raping himself

I go by him and he does not see

I shake his hand and he does not feel

I speak and he does not hear

My fellow brother does not feel my existence

My own soul abhors my body

My body does not know my soul

Here light is darkness

Here life is discharged

Like the eagle time hastes to the prey

I cry but no one passwords