Polycarbonate Panels As an Alternative to Using Glass

Polycarbonate panels are one of the in demand roofing materials used in constructions today. These transparent thermoplastic panels are made with polycarbonate material of the highest quality. These popular panels are now replacing the long-standing competitor that is glass because of its efficient features like being lightweight, cheap and durable.

These panels are available in a wide range of colors and thickness, making it possible to use them in all kinds of roofing like sheds, green houses, garages, shops, doghouses etc. They can be used both for commercial as well as general home usage. Here are some of the good things about polycarbonate panels that you must know before you make a decision to buy them.

• Polycarbonate panels are ultra lightweight and can be handled very easily. Since they are weightless, installation is very easy and effortless.

• Unlike glass these panels does not need much skill or gadgets to cut it into required shapes, any handsaw or a Stanley knife can do the job.

• Cleaning the panels is very easy and that too needs to be done just occasionally. It does not need any special cleaner or cleaning solution, just about any soap water will do.

• These polycarbonate panels have twin walls, which will help to maintain the temperatures constantly.

• With ribbed channels on the outside, these panels cut down the amount of sunrays that pass through them. This will minimize the heat flow into inner side of the panels.

• Polycarbonate panels are totally shatter proof and this is one of the major advantages over usage of glass panels. So, you will not have to worry anymore about vandalism or about kid's baseball shot.

• These panels are very cheap and cost effective when compared to any other alternatives that are available today.

• They are totally resistant to fire and hence reduced chances of fire accidents.

For every good thing, there will be a bad side too and it goes for these panels. Over a period of time, these can get lots of scratches on them and the life of these panels can not out do that of glass. Some people feel that these are not as pleasing to eyes as the glass would do. All these are not really big issues when you really consider the pros of using polycarbonate panels.