Pool Mosaics

Pools can be beautifully decorated using mosaic art in different patterned pool murals. Most of the time, the mosaic pattern for a swimming pool is in the shape of marine creatures like a whale, starfish, crab or fish. Sometimes, the pattern may also take the shape of the sun or some geometric shape. A pool mural is placed at the center of the swimming pool, while there usually are some mosaic patterns running along the border of the pool.

The installation of the mosaics to the pool is relatively easy and just requires a call to the pool contractor. You will then have to pay the pool contractor a nominal charge for installation. If you are worried about the maintenance of the pool mosaic, do not; there is no maintenance required here at all. Most of the pool mosaic companies guarantee the mosaics for the life of the pool. There will be no peeling or fading of the mosaic, and it is also imperfect to normal pool chemicals.

There is also paint available to paint on the pool mosaic to give the mosaic design a different color altogether; the color of the mural can be changed by contacting the pool mosaic company, where they take custom orders through fax or email. And if there is a need for an identical different custom design, all that has to be done is to send a color image of your design to the pool mosaic company through fax or email, and the rest is their responsibility.

Some pool mosaic companies also have reflective types of pool mosaics that reflect the sunlight along the border of the swimming pool, enhancing the effect of the pool mosaic. So, if you do have a swimming pool, be sure to rush down to the nearest pool mosaic company to have a pool mural and pool mosaic designs made to your order.