Pool Table Light Height

Proper illumination of your billiard table is essential in playing billiards accurately. If your billiard light is hung to high it will cause a glare in the players eye and if it is hung to low your pool cue may hit it. Also improper billiard light height will cause shadows on your pool table and which will result in inaccurate shots. Here are some tips on hanging your billiard light to ensure proper pool table light height:

-Your billiard lamp should illuminate your table only and not the rest of your room.

-The billiard light must be centered along the billiard table lengthwise. You can use the middle white diamond at the end of your table as a guide to help center the light.

-The average height of your billiard lamp should be 36″ above the playing surface or bed of your billiard table to the bottom of your billiard light shade. At this stage you can adjust your billiard table light in order to ensure full illumination of your pool table only. When your adjusting the height of your billiard lamp turn off all lights in your room except your pool table light and adjust the light so there are no shadows on your table.

-A popular and more general way in determining optimum light height is to hang the light so the bottom of your billiards lamp is level with the bridge of the your nose.

-If you want to install your lamp before your billiards table has arrived measure between 62 and 70 inches from the floor, and you can adjust your light precisely when your billiard table is installed. Use the bridge of your nose as a gage. 65″ from the floor-up- to the bottom of your billiard lighting fixture is average but a smaller table may be 62″ from the floor up and 70″ might be needed for a larger table.