Porch Collapses

 Porches , decks, and balconies are often viewed as desirable features on the outsides of homes and apartments. They offer both aesthetic and practical value to buildings. Many people use  porches  as scenic areas to enjoy a nice evening, view the sunrise, or read a book outside and away from the general public.

Sometimes, however, these structures give way and collapse. This event is known as “ porch  collapse.”  Porch  collapse, though not a common phenomenon, does occasionally happen and can be extremely harmful to anyone on or underneath the fallen structure. Many notorious  porch  collapses have resulted in serious injuries and fatalities.

Causes of Collapse

There are many reasons why  porches  may buckle and cave in. Often, balconies on older buildings have not been built to meet today’s safety standards, and therefore are inherently less stable and secure than newer ones. Older  porches  also are more likely to have deteriorated over time, as well, making them more likely to fall down when slightly overloaded.

Other causes of collapse include the following:

·         Overloading – with people, furniture, or other heavy items

·         Snow overloading

·         Poor construction material choices

·         Rotted wood

·         Rusted fasteners

·         Failure to adhere to codes and regulations

If you have been injured in a  porch  collapse that resulted from poor construction or negligent maintenance, then you may be able to collect compensation. By speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer about your situation, you can assess your situation correctly and make a strong and effective claim.

The Chicago Balcony Collapse of 2003

In 2003, a very notorious balcony collapse occurred in the city of Chicago. A third-floor balcony filled with party-goers gave way around midnight, dropping its occupants through the two balconies underneath and all the way into the basement. In total, the incident claimed the lives of 13 hapless victims and injured 57 others.

Following this collapse, the city mandated the required inspection of thousands of balconies across Chicago. Hundreds were cited for having structural issues, and were then sent to the Law Department for further action to be taken.

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