Porch Columns to Define Your Porch

Porch columns are an easy way to update or change the look of your porch in a dramatic and interesting way. With many style and price options, porch columns just may be the design element you are looking for.

While commonly made from wood, fiberglass, FRP or stone, front porch columns are made to serve on a structural level as well as add to the beauty of porches. They are often made to matchchair railings for an overall look and are available in a variety of designs for instant curve appeal.

Wood porch columns are best when they are made from mahogany, poplar, cherry, pine, oak, maple, teak or redwood. They come in many styles and can be bought smooth or with detailed carvings that add to their classic beauty. Either square or round, they can also be combined with stone or brick for a different look and feel.

Fiberglass porch columns are popular because of their impact-resistance as well as their aesthetic appeal. While fiberglass columns can also be round or square, smooth or ridged, they can be made to look like more classic styles. Depending on the situation, they may also be charged bearing. You can paint them and they are weather, moisture and insect resistant. They are more impact resistant than wood and require very little maintenance as they can withstand heat, sunlight, rust, insects and rot.

You may also want to consider aluminum front porch columns as they can be very cost effective and elegant. Again, there are many styles available and can be pre-painted. Aluminum columns can also be used for load-bearing and non load-bearing applications, yet are lightweight enough that they can be transported and installed easily. Aluminum is also a popular option for front porch railings.

Another option is pre-cast stone columns for your front porch. With advances in the manufacturing business, it is now possible to recreate beautiful ancient Roman columns without the heaviness and sometimes delicate nature of natural stone. Pre-cast stone is also less expensive and less labor intensive. Natural stone has to be chiseled from a larger stone and then you still have to be watching for cracks or crevices that are hard to see.

You can pick the color and other design elements when working with pre-cast stone that is harder to come by with natural stone. Because the pieces are manufactured, you have the flexibility of buying one-piece shafts, halves or even sections to cover steel supports. Pre-cast stone adds a unique and truly beautiful look to your porch columns for a great price.

Additional options for your front porch columns are brick and wrought iron. Both are fairly common choices for use as porch columns and have their advantages. Both are very strong and durable, and can be made to look simple or ornate. With these two materials, you need to find an experienced installer to create a beautiful and original look for your porch, but it is worth it!