Porch-Lift PL-P Portable Wheelchair Lift

Porch-Lift PL-P portable wheelchair lift is commonly used in public buildings such as courtrooms, schools, stages and gymnasiums, where the need for wheelchair accessibility occurs very rarely. This lift model is primarily meant for temporary use.

Standard Removable Wheels for Easy Maneuverability

Ensuring ultimate security and protection for the users, this model comes with a wide range of specifications and safety features. The lift is provided with four standard wheels for easy maneuverability. These wheels are removable and can be conveniently taken out when not in use. A lifting lever and support block are also supplied along with them for easy installation and removal.

Advanced Security Features Eliminate the Need for Caretakers

You can find battery operated or electric powered Porch-Lift PL-P portable wheelchair lifts in the market. Battery operated ones are a real blessing for use during power outages. Assistance from your caretaker or a second person is not necessary for operating the lift. You can enjoy unassisted access to different levels of the building with the help of the automated functions.

Porch-Lift PL-P portable wheelchair lift has automatic powered ramps and sensitive sensors. There are also easy to use adjustable switches allowing the user to adjust the height limit. Some other basic features incorporated into the Porch-Lift PL-P portable wheelchair lift are:

o 36″x48″ platform

o 750 lbs capacity

o Ivory powder coat finish, a more durable treatment than paint

o Up to 6’3″ of travel with 2 stops

o Platform controls: constant pressure paddle with emergency stop and alarm. A key lock prevents unauthorized access

Your dealers can assist you with the installation and maintenance of the Porch-Lift PL-P portable wheelchair lift you buy from them. They can help you choose the right model with suitable custom gate and door that matches your building interiors and exteriors.