Porch Motorhome Awnings

Porch motorhome awnings offer an alternative to the more bulky full size awnings, and give you more protection than the simple retractable kinds. As such they are a compromise between the two, both in terms of cost and in ease of use. A porch awning is primarily designed to give you a bit more living space, or storage space, depending on your needs.

They are designed to fit all types of motorhome, and are attached with support arms and ground fittings. Many people use them to put their dirty clothes and shoes in, which stops any unpleasing smells entering your home. There is also the option to extend and customize the size of the porch by adding side panels and windows. Windows will offer more ventilation and allow a cool breeze to flow through the entire motorhome on very hot days, while keeping the actual awning space cooler as well.

Full size annexes can also be added with the necessary attachments and poles. This may be an option if you have bought a porch size awning but want to upgrade without having to pay for the more expensive annex sizes. On cold days there is the option of buying a heater to keep things warmer. A ground sheet is a useful addition, and most of these are made from anti rot materials and are easily cleaned off after use.

Storage is a consideration when you are traveling, and the smaller size of porch awnings gives them an advantage over larger, more bulky designs. If you have a retractable design then you can always attach the porch to that for extra support. You can also buy stand alone, or driveaway porches, and these give you more freedom while on your travels because you can just drive away and leave them standing.

Make sure you take your measurements down first. Also ensure that the porch will not encroach over any windows or side doors of your motorhome apart from the one's you actually want to cover. This is a common mistake made by many owners who find the size is too big to fit just right. Read up on the dimensions first, this is the golden rule. Check the height as well, so that it matches the height of your motorhome.

Porch awnings offer a perfect compromise between the larger annexes and the retractable models. The prices reflect this as well. A well looked after porch will offer comfort and protection for years to come, and make a useful addition to any motorhome.