Positive Inside Equals Positive Outside

If you were given the key to the doorway to heaven, would you use it? This may seem like an exaggeration but life really is that simple. The key to living a wonderful life revolves around the concept of being positive. There are many ways of being positive that can dramatically improve your life. Three ways that are really effective are thinking positively, developing a positive personality and creating positives aims.

When you think about all the negative aspects in your life, how do you feel? I’m sure you don’t like those feelings, so why focus on the negative? The feeling of gratitude we get when we see someone that is a lot less fortunate then us is the feeling we should have every day of our life. If we focus on all the wonderful things in our life then we become happier and we are prone to get more of that which we are grateful for. The point isn’t to deny anything that is negative, it is to acknowledge the good and bad aspects on our life, but only focus our energy on the good parts.

Everyone likes to be around positive happy people. At times if you are feeling depressed, you may feel more comfortable around other depressed people, but once you feel better you leave the toxic person. No one likes people who nit-pick everything and always are looking at the negative side. Everyone is attracted to the person who is always happy and smiling because he is always looking at the bright side of things. I am sure there is someone in our life that is so negative about everything that you can’t stand being around them. I am also sure that there are positive people in your life that inspire you and encourage you to be a better person. If you look at it this way, standing out by being the most positive towards people and everyday situations can attract a lot of wonderful people into your life.

You can analyze a problem in any angle you want, but it won’t be till you concentrate on finding the solution that you will be able to solve that problem. That’s why going to a psychologist almost never works. The psychologist asks you to explain all your problems and tries finding the “root” of the struggles, but the more you dwell in these negative aspects of your life, the more sad and depressed you become. Eventually you become so concentrated on the problem that you never stop to think about the solution. One thing is to acknowledge you have a problem and another thing is to direct all your attention into it.

Don’t waste time and money focusing on your problems. Look for a solution and then you won’t have to worry about the problem anymore.

I can’t prove to you that any of this advice will work, but you can prove to yourself they work by trying them out. Remember to always focus on the positive while acknowledging the negative. It may not be easy in the beginning, but as the results start to appear you will be more motivated to become a positive-based person. Once you start thinking positively, developing a positive personality and creating positive aims, you will slowly see your life transform into the life you have always wanted.