Pottery Painting, Soap Making and Decoupage Parties

There are 3 crafty party ideas which can be really good fun to do and learn from. Whether you have artistic and creative flair or not, you can always produce something that looks good.

  1. With pottery painting, although what a person might create on a chosen piece of pottery might initially look a bit drab, once it has been glazed and fired it always comes out looking really great. Painting onto bisque (white unfired pottery) is very easy. After washing the bisque down to get rid of any residue and dust you apply the paint to a maximum of three coats. You must start with the light colors and add the dark. The colors applied change quite dramatically in the firing process which takes roughly 24 hours.
  2. The second idea is the process of sticking colorful paper onto any hard object and has become known as decopatch. As its name suggests the origin of decoupage comes from France. This is a fantastic newish art medium and does, to a degree, take you back doing collage and paper mache at school. It has however, evolved. The lovely thin paper with dramatic colors and patterns can be stuck onto almost anything producing a unique and personal piece of work. It is remarkably simple. All you do is tear the paper and stick it onto your object either randomly or not.
  3. We all go to the shops and spend mountains of money on beauty products but making soap and and other bath items such as bubble bath and gels can be so easy and so creative. This is the 3rd idea and it can be fun because you can add the flavors you want and make the items the color you really want … maybe to match your bathroom.