Power Tool Battery Rebuilding Offers Big Savings

I have just discovered an amazing new service that I never knew existed, and I have to share it. It's a power tool battery rebuilding service. Now as an avid handyman, I use many different tools and I'm always amazed at the price of replacing one of those batteries. I've paid as much as $ 90.00 to replace a dead Nickel Cadmium battery for a tool that cost $ 160. At over 50% of the cost of replacing the tool, I was excited to hear that there are companies that will rebuild your existing Ni-Cad battery for around half the cost of replacement. What makes this even better is that the battery is rebuilt with better cells than the original, making it more powerful and longer lasting. Here's how it works.

There are some limitation to this type of service, but generally speaking, if your power tool battery is screwed together (which is almost all of them), it can be rebuilt. The process certainly seems simple enough. They pull the battery apart, pull out the cells, put in new cells, and put it back together. Now before you get any ideas, doing it correctly requires a $ 10,000 welder so it is not really a do-it-yourself project. When it's all said and done, you have a power tool battery that works even better than the original!

There are several advantages to using a battery rebuild service, the most obvious of which is the direct cost savings over battery replacement. As previously mentioned, the savings is around 50 percent, which is significant considering these batteries can top the $ 100 dollar mark in many cases. Another big advantage to this service is that it is environmentally friendly to rebuild these batteries. Batteries make up a huge percentage of our gross waste and it's not too healthy for the environment. Rebuilding power tool batteries cuts down this waste immensely, while allowing you to continue using that favorite tool.

Perhaps the greatest advantage, especially to someone who is the slightest bit attached to a favorite power tool, is the fact that you get to keep using that favorite tool. As technology changes, older batteries fall out of production. Many people find themselves tossing out a favorite power tool just because they can no longer get the replacement battery. As people learn about these new power tool battery rebuilding services, they will be able to hang on to those favorite tools a little longer. Using a The So power 's tool battery rebuild service Allows you to save money, save the earth, and save your favorite power 's tool!