Power Vibe CF1250 Vibration Plate Review

If you are looking for a piece of home fitness equipment to get your whole body in shape then it is possible you are considering buying a vibration plate. Vibration plate training has been a real revelation in recent years and has helped countless people to lose both weight and inches whilst really defining the body. If you have never used a vibration plate before then it can be really hard to even understand what to look for in the machine. What do you need to consider before committing to that purchase?

My early experience of vibration plate training came as a result of my gym membership and when I left the gym I decided that I still wanted to continue with vibration training as a way of reaching my weight loss goals. Having a basic understanding of the product led me to focus on several things before making my purchase:

Size of the plate (platform)

Size of the motor (varied speeds are highly recommended)

Arm handles (needed to aid balance)

Price (always important)

With these four factors in mind I opted for the Power Vibe CF1250. The price was affordable at under £300 and I loved the 8 pre-set programmes allowing me to get started with the workouts straight away. I find that with these programmes I am not standing aimlessly wondering what it happening; each programme challenges a certain part of the body.

A vibration plate is unlike other more typical pieces of home gym equipment. With an exercise bike or a rowing machine for example the workout routine is straightforward – you either pedal or row. A vibration plate is slightly different because you need to perform exercise routines whilst standing on it. Imagine doing yoga stretches or an aerobic routine whilst standing on the vibrating platform and you will get the point. You therefore need to use your initiative somewhat or you will not really get anything out of your workout. The CF1250 is great for the beginner because it is supplied with a DVD which gives you an introduction to the product and shows you a number of exercises to do as part of your routine. This was a huge help and it meant I didn’t waste valuable time trying to figure out how to use the plate correctly.

Another great benefit of the Power Vibe CF1250 was the fact that it was supplied with power cords (elasticated straps with handles so you can work out your arms during the routine) and a gym ball. You can incorporate the gym ball into your workout routine (you will need to see the DVD for instructions on how to do it) and it gives an added dimension to the workout. Very few other vibration plates seem to come with free accessories like this and these “freebies” are probably what convinced me that the Power Vive CF1250 was right for me.

Overall, this is a great vibration plate and costs a fraction of some of the other models on the market. I enjoy the routines and can see the benefit. A great product!