Practicing Good Hammer Storage

Most of us have favorite places to keep our hammers. At times, placement is based on convenience, other times as a matter of organizations, and sometimes we just stick them somewhere in the hope we will remember later where we put the hammer. Here are some examples of hammer storage that seems to fit most of us.

A fact of life for many of us is that the hammer often ends up in a drawer in the kitchen. There are actually some pretty good reasons for this. The hammer, like the screwdriver, often is needed for a quick job, such has hanging a picture, removing a nail from the wall, or similar one-minute duties. Instead of having to dig around through all the tools in order to find the hammer, we choose to keep it in a handy spot where we always know it will be.

Another popular hammer storage spot is in a portable toolbox. We may choose to keep the toolbox in a closet or in the garage. Either way, we can grab the box, take it to the site of the job we need to do, extract the hammer, and get to work. When we are done, the hammer goes back into the toolbox. As with the kitchen drawer, we have the convenience of always knowing where the hammer is when we need it for a job.

The real at home do it yourself type will have a garage outfitted with a workbench and tool racks. This type of person probably has several hammers, each of them occupying a special place on a tool rack. When a hammer is needed, one simply looks over the choices, selects the right one, completes the job, and hangs the hammer back on the tool rack.

Of course, there are those of us that have to hunt for a hammer whenever we need one. We may find it in a drawer, under the bed, in the garage and some places that make no sense whatsoever. In some cases, we have forgotten what we needed with the hammer by the time we find its location. This is an example of one who needs a hammer storage plan very badly. If you know someone like this, buy him or her a tool box or introduce them to the wonders of the kitchen drawer. You will be saving them hours of frustration.