Practicing Silence For Better Personality

Billions of words have been written and spoken from the very beginning of the human history and thousands of them are unused or unsaid. A "Silence Please" board may give you some comfort of being in a well organized environment. Even though silence gives comfort, it may frighten few those who can not afford the absence of sound. But majority will get soothed in a silent atmosphere.

Normally we all love silence and this makes us so comfortable. We will be so relaxed inside a Church, Temple or Mosque. It's because of the power of the silence there. Silence is the symbol of rest and sound is the symbol activity. You will be exhausted in a noisy circumstance without even talk. Noise makes you exhausted, it makes you busy always. Sometimes you may think that why am I so tired or exhausted. You may not notice that it's just because of the dissonant sounds around you.

Be silent with no effort is a talent. It may not be possible from the first day itself. But you could achieve this after having unremitting practice. It is your first step to the meditation. You will talk to the God Almighty in silence and he will talk to you. Silence with an effort will not give you much pleasure. Being silent should not be a task, it should be a practice. You could be silently physically, but it is not so easy to be silent mentally. You should not talk to yourself when you want to be silent.

A small silence between your sentences would give you more confidence when you talk. You are getting relaxed after having a small silence or break and this gives you more audacity and strength. "Relax" another comfortable word. "Relax .., Relax .., Relax ..," I know you will be relaxed if someone says like this to you. So we need leisure, we enjoy it always. Practice unnoticeable silence in your speech; your words will be deepoted into others

I am not talking about the physical silence to your duties or responsibilities. Silence may cause the opposite result. Unsaid words may cause the opposite meaning. Being silent instead of saying "I can do it for you" may be considered "I can not do it for you" or vice versa. Be smart and tactful when you want to be silent. My intensity here is to make you understand how practicing "silence" could make your personality stronger, how it makes you unique from others, how it it cleans your unwanted feelings and tensions.

"The Healing Power Of Silence" is indescribable. All of us will have a minimum percentage of the so called "depression". Regular practice of silence will make your thoughts healthy and brighten, and this helps you to come out from your crazy thoughts. You are always led by your thoughts, having healthy and bright thoughts are always important for you to achieve your life goals.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, maintain a breathing cadence, practice for 10 minutes. Do it regularly and try to make a better change in your personality.