Prague: A City of Wonders

This world is full of amazement and when traveling to Europe, you would realize that there is certainly no shortage of surprises there. This is particularly true when you head towards the largest city of Czech Republic. The City of Hundred Spires, Prague, is a complete world of wonders. From its colorful buildings to the grand churches, there is a lot which leaves the tourists completely awestruck. This cultural hotspot is a must to explore the next time you decide to visit Europe. Let’s take you to the finest places in the city!

1. Charles Bridge

Arguably, this is one of the most famous spots in the city. If there’s only one thing you need to see in order to experience Prague, it should ideally be the marvelous Charles Bridge. The diversity and beauty of the city can be best explored through this popular tourist destination. Being the most stunning bridge in Prague, this spot would give you the perfect view of the Vltava River. This is the reason you would see tourists elbowing each other in order to get space for themselves. You’d see crowds surging in the afternoon and the ambiance is completely magical. However, if you wish to enjoy a few moments of peace, it is best to head there at dawn. The glorious sunrise is a treat!

2. Old Town Square

Trying to explore the history of Prague? The Old Town Square is one of the finest places in the city. Situated in the heart of Prague, it offers the best environment for the locals and tourists alike. Although Prague has undergone the torture of a lot of invasions, Old Town Square has miraculously survived it. The magnificent buildings and ancient churches are an amazing sight. St. Nicholas Church, Tyn Church and Old Town Hall Tower are some of the finest attractions of the square. There’s never a dull moment at the square because of the dancers, punks and the vendors who put up a great show every day!

3. Prague Castle

The city is famous for its mind blowing castles, all dating back to the ancient times. If you want to see the best of architecture, head to the compelling Prague Castle. Not only is it a source of pride for Prague, but also the largest ancient castle in the world! Seven football fields would probably cover up the size of this gigantic castle. This masterpiece comprises of churches, gardens and alleyways. Whilst you’re there, do not miss out the chance to explore St. Vitus Cathedral.

4. Prague Astronomical Clock

Before visiting Prague, you might have witnessed this in countless photographs. That is how popular the Prague Astronomical Clock is. It is set beautifully on the wall of Old Town City Hall. Being over 600 years old, it is amazing to know that the clock is still functional. It is also known by Orloj and is one of the most spectacular sites in the city.