Praise the Lord – Benefits of Worship

Our Creator certainly describes our worship. He is worthy of it, and due the honor. The fascinating truth is that we need worship more than he does!

"Wait a minute. When I praise the Lord, that is my gift to him. How does that benefit me?" When we enter into a time of prayer not for the purpose of requesting things, we're really worshiping. We're thanking Him for saving us, for what He's done in our lives, and what we're expecting Him to do.

We're adoring His attributes. We're marveling at his creation. We're claiming our commitment to Him. We're admitting He's in control of our lives; and professing our trust in Him. What happens when we engage in those prayers?

Consider this. After sin entered the world, God and man could no longer walk and talk together like they once had. God sent Jesus to bridge that gap because He missed that relationship!

He knew we missed it too! Since God is a loving God, is not it reasonable to absorb there would be benefits for us, too, not just a jealous God getting the attention of His children?

Sure there is. Here are some benefits of when we Praise the Lord and Worship:

Grows our faithStrengthens our minds

Corrects our attitudes

Replaces doubt with confidence

Chases fear away as faith takes over

Reminds us what our priorities should be

Allows us to sense how real He is and how near He is

Since worship is not only the act of raising Him but also a lifestyle of talking, listening and obeying His directives, the benefit package applies to both!

Immediately after a rousing time of private worship I feel energized, renewed, and motivated. After a sweet time of corporate worship with other believers I feel calm, secure, with a sense of belonging to the Body of Christ. As I live out my life of worship to Him, I know I'm on the right track, being consistently guided, helped and sustained.

Beside feeling better there's another benefit. Worship alerts the enemy's camp that we're serious about our commitment to God.

When we proclaim our faith out loud, the demons tremble because they know we're tapping into the power we've been given. As we praise God – especially through adversity – they know we're serious.

Would you refuse the benefit package your employer offers you? Many Christians do not reapp the benefits God offers us through worship. Do not make His work on the cross in vain. Cash in on your benefits today!