Pre-Employment Background Check on Yourself

Background Checks are pretty much a part of modern living these days. They serve numerous types of purpose, ranging from private and personal stuff to business and professional due diligence. One area where it clearly proliferates is in employment screening and it is not difficult to reckon why. First, the price of negligent hiring is getting prohibitive, second, there is increased necessity or even required these days and last, it does not take much so why not?

There is huge protest over the practice of background check in general by privacy activists. The diametric balance, or counterbalance between the Right to Information and Privacy Actions was always going to be tricky from Day 1. For example in employment background checks, it is often debatable whatever what is checked has relevance. However, current legislations seem easy on the employers, leaving plenty of room for maneuver in their favor when disputed or challenged. There are also loopholes to get around obtaining consent to conduct a check in the first place or even disguising an adverse action resulting from it. Fortunately, there is a good way out.

The best thing to do in protecting our interests is to run a Defensive Employment Background Check on ourselves whenever we are job-hunting or under review by our current employer for misconduct, promotion or other personnel matter. The information resource should be the same or equivalent to the one engaged by the employer. With it, we will be able to see how we stack up in official perception and rating. If there are inaccuracies or inconsistencies, especially those to our disadvantage, we can take action before we get burned.

What can go wrong will go wrong, at the worst moment. They may be due to human errors or oversight, incomplete or out-dated information, mistaken identity or identity theft and so forth. Whatever the case is, we would not be oblivious to the damage or victimization and would be well-prepared to face up to issues if necessary. And if we do turn up something unfavorable but true from the self-check, we get a chance to fix it ahead.