Precautions For Scaffolding

Construction work for buildings can be pretty hazardous and scaffolding is used as a temporary framework to give support to the workers and the building materials. It is almost like a rolling ladder and is immensely useful especially for very tall buildings as the height can be adjusted and it can hold many people and materials at one go. It is also comparatively safer than other means used in construction because of its lockable wheels. Neverheless, it is always better to err on the side of precaution and proper maintenance and usage is imperative to ensure the safety of the construction workers. This will help prevent any types of accidents and related injuries. Staircase towers are also commonly used as scaffolds.

Scaffolding enterprises of three main parts, namely, tubes, boards and couplers. Tubes can be of steel or aluminum although aluminum is preferred as it is both light and durable and is also flexible. Couplers are used to join the tubes and the boards provide a support for human access. Boards are made of wood which is seasoned and the standard size is usually 50mm – 63mm.

Scaffolding are usually attached to buildings with ties and are more stable than independent scaffolding. A type of independent scaffold is the mobile type which is mounted on wheels or castors which swivel and can be wheeled around from location to location.

Scaffolding safety is crucial for workers and the setting up and pulling down of the scaffold should always be done under the correct guidance and the supervision of a competent supervisor. It is best to follow the manufacturer's guidelines as each one may have some small differences in its set-up which may be serious to properly and safely putting up and dismounting the scaffold.

The guidelines specifying the usage of the scaffold should also be strictly followed. Even though the management team is directly responsible for the proper workings and safe usage of the scaffolding, the workers should also be vigilant and inspect the scaffolding before and after every use. Any fault or deficiency, however minor, should be immediately reported to the concerned authorities. Even if you are simply in the scaffolding rental business it makes sense to provide for insurance for your company.

For further precautions, safety harnesses and guard rails for construction workers are highly recommended as they will buffer the fall, if any. Anyone working at a height of more than six feet above the ground should wear safety harnesses. Many an unfortunate accident on construction sites could have been avoided, if only proper precautionary measures had been taken and stringent inspection rules followed. Both management and the workers have to work in cohesion and joint responsibility to ensure the smooth and safe usage of scaffolding.