Predestination, Karma & Meditation – How to Know What is Fated in Your Life

Meditation is one of the best ways to escape
An over-active mind, become centered, and
Connect with one's spiritual self. When you
Are centered you are better able to intuitively
Know when something is for your highest

Other ways to become more aligned with your
Higher self, so more aware of the next best
Step in all areas of life include the following:
Spend more time alone; Avoid TV; Avoid
Excessive alcohol; Avoid drugs (even occasional
Use clouds perception); Avoid junk food / emotional
Eating; Avoid sugar and caffeine (promotes mind-
Scattering and the numbing of feelings); Exercise
Regularly; Read more; Get more sleep; And spend
Time in nature. All of these ideas will help you to
Detach from your ego-self.

Various forms of meditation exist, yet the
Commonly acknowledged purist and most
Efficient way involves simple intense focus.
Sitting comfortably in a chair or on the floor
With your back straight, eyes closed, breathing
Relaxed, and your focus intentionally on your chest
Plate for twenty minutes or longer will help
You detach from the conscious mind and be
More in touch with your subconscious mind
And higher-self.

This meditative process also helps to release
A natural feel-good opiate from the brain.
These endorphins have been clinically proven
To aid in healing.

Do not be discouraged if it takes you weeks or
Even months to become proficient in meditation.
With practice, you'll get the hang of it and benefit
Greatly. You'll also instinctively know what to do
And when to do it. You'll always stop wasting
Time on things that are not relevant to your highest
Path because they'll seem insignificant.

Alternative forms of meditation include running,
Walking, swimming, reading, knitting, drawing,
Painting, writing, and other activities that allow you
To get into a "zone."

It's also important to consider when you first
Desire something. Timing really is everything,
And comprehensive predictive numerology and
Astrology provide invaluable insight into all
Areas of life.

Numerology and astrology are two ancient,
Empirical sciences that provide self-knowledge
And peace of mind. They can also help you be
Aware of and prepare for challenging and rewarding
Times in your life, help you to further understand
Why you are here on earth, and to know what type
Of action is best taken at what time. It's best to
Consult with an expert since there are many aspects
To consider, but one of the more important timing
Indicators can be tracked easily by anyone. It's
Called Moon Void-of-Course.

There are specific times every few days when the
Moon is in between signs, or Void-of-course. New
Ideas originated, plans made, or people met during this
Time usually turn out differently, if at all. Following
The information in our Moon Void-of-course article
Will help save you time and money and be much
Smarter about your decisions. Please keep in mind that
There are many, many important astrological and
Numerological considerations, but the abovementioned
One is a good starting point.

"If you do not make the mistake of many and set up
Your will in opposition to Divine law, you will fulfill
That high destination for which you were chosen. "
– George Washington

No matter how mundane or ordinary one's life appears,
Every person's path is an extraordinarily unique, and
Necessary part of collective universal destiny.

While those who act in opposition to "Divine" law,
In our opinion, are fated to do so as part of chosen
Paths by their spiritual selves, and as symbolized by
The patterns in their numerology and astrology charts,
Those who strive for more in life are also fulfilling what
Is to be.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo